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I can remember the old box brownie my Dad had and all the bits and pieces that went with it. Lots of dials to twiddle and endless hours waiting for the light meter reading! Next came the instamatic with its little blue flash cube.

My love for the camera grew with me, spending many hours in the darkroom developing black and white photographs at school and as part of a career in newspaper and advertising.  Sitting on my sideboard is a collection of old cameras of all sorts and anything photographic.

My faithful first SLR 35mm camera, my trusty Pentax, now  considered ‘antique’, was my best friend for many years. It taught me so much about the grass roots of photography.

Of course now I am in the digital world and enjoying the latest technology and what it means to photography.

I have spent many years photographing events and families and love the special and often mundane moments that can be forgotten. I am based on the Sunshine Coast and specially enjoy children’s photography and capturing events ‘as they happen’.